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Midlothian Boys Class of 2014
  Class of 2014 We are very proud of our graduating...
US LACROSSE Award to Bridgette Soucy
Weaver Athletic Association and Midlothian Girls Lacrosse Club are...
10,000 reasons Midlothian Lacrosse Day was a huge success
The Weaver Athletic Association sponsored Midlothian Lacrosse Club...
Midlothian High goes VHSL for 2015 Lacrosse
A sweet Valentine's Day message was received this morning...
Midlothian Boys Class of 2014
by posted 06/12/2014


Class of 2014

We are very proud of our graduating senior boys! Besides helping to cinch another GOLD medal on Sunday, June 1 in the State Championship game, over half have committed to play collegiate lacrosse in well established programs:

Miles Muncie-Randolph Macon
Trent Parker- Lynchburg
James Thompson- Bridgton Academy (lacrosse and hockey)
Daniel Serafin- Roanoke

We wish our senior boys much success both on and off the lacrosse field!

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US LACROSSE Award to Bridgette Soucy
by posted 06/09/2014

Jackie Pitts Award - Bridgette Soucy

Weaver Athletic Association and Midlothian Girls Lacrosse Club are enormously proud of girl’s lacrosse coach and player, Bridgette Soucy for being named recipient of the 2014 Jackie Pitts Award for the Richmond region by US Lacrosse. Her work ethic on and off of the field is exemplary. In addition, her willingness to teach others and give back to the sport has been a catalyst for so many. Bridgette exemplifies this honor and we are delighted to celebrate with her. She is one of 35 girls around the country selected to receive this award.

The prestigious Jackie Pitts Award of US Lacrosse honors those who combine academic and service, as well as leadership, with athletic accomplishments. According to US Lacrosse, “This award recognizes a graduating senior in each chapter who truly honors the game of lacrosse, is invested in the development of the game in her community, is an exceptional player who continually strives to improve her game, and is an exemplary member of her team. She exemplifies the spirit of the game, on and off the field. Academically, she is an outstanding student and a valued role model in her school.”

Midlothian High School student Bridgette Soucy, nominated by her coach, DeVoe Reagan, has been selected by US Lacrosse as the Richmond Chapter Jackie Pitts Award winner. This is the first time a girls lacrosse player from Weaver Athletic Association, Midlothian Lacrosse Club or Midlothian High School has received this award. Bridgette has served as her team’s goalie since 2007. During the four years of high school play, she led her defensive team in four state championships, winning three consecutive state top honors. Bridgette has been a volunteer coach working with the Weaver Girls Lacrosse program since 2010, coaching elementary and middle school players. Becoming a certified US Lacrosse Official in 2011 completed her 360 degree approach to all aspects of participation and interest in the game. Bridgette is a 2014 honor graduate of Midlothian High School’s Advanced College Preparatory Program, with a 4.08 weighted GPA and a 3.8 un-weighted GPA. She is the recipient of the Engineering and Architecture Student of the Year Award, a member of National Honor Society and Mu Alpha Theta and served as President of Latin Club. This fall Bridgette will attend Florida Institute of Technology’s, College of Engineering where she will major in Ocean Engineering. She has also signed an NCAA letter of intent as F. I. Tech’s first Women’s Lacrosse Panther Goalkeeper.

Bridgette commented, “I have been blessed with great athletic coaches, from Maryland and Virginia, in high school sports, in club lacrosse and with Weaver Athletic Association. I have had wonderful role models in loving the game of lacrosse for the sheer beauty of the game, as a player, a coach and an official. I know the benefit of getting young players involved early, in making it fun, giving them real role models and the satisfaction of seeing their successes.  Thanks also to the makers of the movie “Crooked Arrows” as it is my go-to, feel-good, get-fired-up movie of all time!  My tradition of watching it every year was the secret to three consecutive state championships!”

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10,000 reasons Midlothian Lacrosse Day was a huge success
by posted 05/15/2014

WAA Executive Board Members present checks to Midlothian HS

The Weaver Athletic Association sponsored Midlothian Lacrosse Club players give a shout out - "Thank you for your support Weaver Athletic Association!" Thanks to these two generous $5,000 donations to the boys and girls lacrosse programs at Midlothian High School more community athletes from Betty Weaver Elementary and Weaver Athletic Association Lacrosse Programs will have the opportunity to play lacrosse at the VHSL level beginning in 2015.

The WAA lacrosse program will continue to support students in the first through the eighth grades with instruction and skill development as they work toward the opportunities for high school play at James River High School and Midlothian High School. Registration for Weaver Lacrosse programs for the spring 2015 season will open in December of 2014.

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Midlothian High goes VHSL for 2015 Lacrosse
by posted 02/14/2014

A sweet Valentine's Day message was received this morning from the principal at Midlothian High School addressed to the members of the MHS Lacrosse Steering Committee. Before you start jumping for joy and cheering euphorically -- remember, we still need to finish our campaign to raise the capital our approval was granted on. Please remember to purchase your tickets this weekend for next weekend's fundraiser.

MHS Lacrosse Steering Committee,


As you are aware, the School Board set out clear criteria for a school to meet in demonstrating readiness for startup of a lacrosse program. Part of this framework included having a financial plan in place that clearly demonstrated the raising of funds and donations for the start of a team, the operation of a team, and the sustainability of a team over a three year period without negatively impacting the finances and operation of the existing teams in the athletic program at the school. In addition, the stipulation was made that it is required that a school have both a girl’s lacrosse team and a separate boy’s lacrosse team.


The panel reviewed the materials that all groups submitted as well as the content of the presentations. Based upon that information the panel made a recommendation to the Superintendent and the School Board (which they have accepted) and it has been determined that Midlothian High School has established the ability to meet the readiness criteria intended by the School Board. As such Midlothian High School may proceed with notification to the VHSL that our school will have both a boys’ lacrosse team and a girls’ lacrosse team.


Mr. Cooper will begin the process for successfully starting Lacrosse at Midlothian High School, including, but not limited to, hiring a boys and girls coach, scheduling games, and organizing the structure of the program.


I will notify our community of this decision through my weekly messages and by posting an announcement on our school website and over the PA at school.


Thank you for your work in bringing this opportunity forward for the students at Midlothian High School and your work in securing the resources for this program to begin in 2014-15.  I’d also like to thank you in advance for your ongoing support as we sustain the success of our Lacrosse programs at Midlothian High School. 


Have a wonderful weekend.


S. Abel


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